Can I obtain badges at a later stage of the project?

Badge upgrade options will be made available. However, it will not be at wallet level. Upgraders will be able to obtain "monetary" benefits as of the higher badge classes. Refer to benefits matrix table for additional insight under "Badgenomics".

When will I receive my TYON tokens post pre-sale participation?

At the time of TGE (Token Generation Event), your tokens will be sent to you.

Will I get better returns of investment if I am an early-bird?

Tyrion's staggered token distribution approach will certainly give pre-sale buyers an edge, as it allows them to purchase tokens at a lower price than what will be available through the public sale. However, it is important for investors to bear in mind that the value of digital assets can go up as well as down, and to remain vigilant when making decisions about their investments

Can I protect my capital prior TyrionShield service goes live?

NO! When TyrionShield program is introduced, users should buy the token through a custom DApp in order to avail capital protection

When will TYON be listed on centralized exchanges?

We believe that the surest path to success is through making great products and giving customers what they need. That's why our main priority is building products that crypto-verse need, rather than chasing after exchange listings. However keeping wider adoption in mind, we anticipate that exchange listings will begin in Q1 2024. We will provide more details as we get closer to the expected timeline.

Why there is a significant gap between circulating & max supply of TYONs?

Since majority of the tokens are reserved for the ecosystem products, the circulating supply isn't catching-up to Max supply yet. By 2042, all of the TYON tokens will have either been circulated, burnt or staked, ensuring that the Tyrion Ecosystem is well-equipped to serve its users and remain relevant & unavoidable force in the ever-evolving Blockchain market.

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